About Us

B&H Gun Rack has been serving shooting and hunting enthusiasts for over 35 years. Founded in 1977 it has grown with Brevard County. The original store was opened in a 1200 square foot, bottom floor of a two-story building owned by Jerry Inman (Inman Radiator). It was located next door to the old Barn Theater & Causeway Drive In Theater on State Road 520.


With the help of a good repeat customer base we grew and within two years we acquired the additional 1200 square feet of the 2nd floor. This enabled us to expand the display and retail store area. The upstairs was converted into storage and office space. This worked well until 1983 when we became aware of the fact that the now closed drive in, as well as the old Barn Theater were being torn down and redeveloped into a new Wal-Mart store and attached shopping center. Not satisfied with their visibility to State Road 520, the developers decided to purchase the Inman Radiator building and our adjoining one too. This necessitated our moving. We enjoyed our central location too much to want to move far. As luck would have it, we found that our current location was up for sale and it was only 500 feet from the original store. We purchased the building in July 1984 and started a much needed rebuild to make it suitable for a gun shop.


Our new store occupied approximately 4000 square feet. A nice change from the 2400 square feet we were moving out of. The permitting & construction took about three months. Try doing that in today’s world of red tape and delays. Moving was finished within two weeks and we were able to celebrate both Thanksgiving & Christmas in our new location. By 1990 it was apparent that the sporting goods market was very seasonal. The decision was made to branch out into the law enforcement market. Glock was still relatively new in the US market and they had decided to test a small pilot program of regional law enforcement distributors. We were lucky enough to be one of the first four stores in their program. With the rapid growth in the popularity of the Glock brand name we found law enforcement sales to be growing every year. Over the next 15 years we managed to become a distributor for most of the other popular brand name firearms and accessories.


Eventually it became obvious that we had outgrown both our display and storage space. The law enforcement business was interfering with our hunting and sport shooting business so we started shopping for a new location to relocate the law enforcement distributorship. Not wanting to move too far from our existing location, our choices were limited. After a long search that yielded nothing we looked closer to home, finding out that the location just one door down would be coming available. We made plans to open B&H Police Supply to service the law enforcement and military community. They opened their doors in October 2011.


With the newly found extra space we embarked on a program to renovate and refresh the original store. New display cases, new lighting and an enlarged sporting goods inventory has brought us back to our roots of serving the hunters and sport shooters. With an inventory of approximately 4000 guns and over a million rounds of ammunition we are set to continue for many years to come.